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Day 2 & 8 COVID PCR Tests


Day 2 & 8 COVID PCR Tests

Day 2 Mandatory PCR Home test £99 (WAS originally £150)

Day 8 Mandatory PCR Home test £99 (WAS originally £150)

Day 2 and Day 8 Mandatory PCR tests £190 (WAS originally £300)

Day 2, 5 and 8 Home tests £285 (WAS originally £450)

PCR Outbound test + Day 2 and Day 8 tests £285 (WAS originally £465)

PCR Outbound test, Day 2, 5, 8 tests £380 (WAS originally £630)

We also offer in house PCR test plus a day 2 test package for £215. ​​​

Please note that all tests come with TRACK 24 envelopes and Postage is prepaid. Test results will be issued between 24-48 hours after receipt at the laboratory. NO REFUNDS will be issued if the test reaches the laboratory late or results issued later than expected time. Test results issued on time are dependent on the sample getting there on time to the laboratory and if the sample needs to be re-assessed. Both can delay results and the pharmacy will not be liable for any delays.  ALL information is on the website. 

Day 2 Mandatory test

  • The day 2 test - Mandatory when entering the UK from a green and amber country (including those who are double vaccinated)  and children over 12.
  • This compulsory test generates the code which is required on the UK government locator form which must be filled in prior to returning to the UK. 
  • The test can be taken anytime from the day you return until day 2. It is then posted off in the pre-paid envelope supplied. There is no need to quarantine upon your return (unless the test is positive).
  • The tests can be purchased and collected from us prior to travel. We can also assist those travelers who are already abroad with the required codes for the locator form.

Day 2 & 8 Mandatory Tests

  • Day 2 and 8 testing  - Mandatory for all unvaccinated travelers and children over 12 arriving in the UK from green and amber list countries.
  • These test's are also required to be logged and the codes generated  filled in on the locator form prior to return travel to the UK.
  • Quarantine is required until the results of the day 8 test have been received.

*All travelers must check their own requirements on GOV.uk website.

Simply take the test in the comfort of your own home and send it to the lab. The Kit includes a pre-paid postage to make the process of sending your sample to the Lab hassle-free. Your results will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours from the date the sample reaches the lab. 

For customers that are already overseas, it is still possible for us to supply you with day 2,5,and 8 tests by calling us where  we can assist you with registering the tests and generating the codes for the locator form even from abroad.

** Our partner Lab RIGHTANGLED is UK Government Approved for Day 2 & 8 PCR Tests **

Convenient at-home testing

This home test involves using a small swab to gently rub your nose and throat. This should not be painful. Watch our helpful video on how to take the swab correctly. Our partner lab is UKAS accredited for accurate results. 


Partner Lab is Regulated by the CQC

Our Partner Lab (RIGHTANGLED) test kit and laboratory analyses follow the strict Care Quality Commission guidelines, so you are guaranteed high quality results. It also fulfils the requirements for travel Covid-19 tests.

It is NON REFUNDABLE – so if the transit for your test has taken longer or there is an issue at the test centre, as we are independent of both entities, we cannot be liable for any late results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this test approved by the UK Government for Days 2 & 8 Mandatory testing?

Yes, our partner Lab (RIGHTANGLED)  is an approved provider for Day 2 & 8 PCR testing by the UK government.

How can I get my booking reference number to add on my passenger locator form?

For Day 2 and Day 8 testing, when you buy kits from us, you need to register the day 2 kit barcode with our Partner Lab here: https://auth.rightangled.co/PatientRegistration/RegisterKit

You need to choose the option for day 2 and 8, then enter your details, create an account and you will receive a code which in our case is in the format RIGHT1234567, which you need to put in the passenger locator form  when booking return flights to the UK.

Sometimes customers are asked to provide a booking confirmation email, in which case you can send an email to accounts@rightangled.co and include 2 barcodes, passenger name and email, so that the RIGHTANGLED team (our Partner Lab) can send the confirmation email directly to you.

How do I take the test once I’ve received my kit?

Three simple steps to get your COVID-19 result:

1. Order your kit

If you need a result by a particular date, remember to order your test as early as possible. Kits can be collected by a friend or relative or delivered if in the Brighton area after paying over the phone securely. 

2. Send your swab sample

Once you receive your kit, register the unique barcode for each test Kit on our Partner Lab (RIGHTANGLED) website at this link: https://auth.rightangled.co/PatientRegistration/RegisterKit. Then, take the sample by following the instructions included. We also have a video on this page to help you. Then send back your package with the pre-paid return postage.

3. Download your reports

Once your sample arrives at the lab, it will be processed within 24 to 48 hours. You will get an email notification once your report is ready.

Read the updated rules for amber list countries.