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Day 2 PCR Test


Day 2 PCR Test

Day 2 Mandatory test

  • The day 2 test - Mandatory when entering the UK from a green and amber country (including those who are double vaccinated)  and children over 12.
  • This compulsory test generates the code which is required on the UK government locator form which must be filled in prior to returning to the UK. 
  • The test can be taken anytime from the day you return until day 2. It is then posted off in the pre-paid envelope supplied. There is no need to quarantine upon your return (unless the test is positive).
  • The tests can be purchased and collected from us prior to travel. We can also assist those travelers who are already abroad with the required codes for the locator form.

Day 2 & 8 Mandatory Tests

  • Day 2 and 8 testing  - Mandatory for all unvaccinated travelers and children over 12 arriving in the UK from green and amber list countries.
  • These test's are also required to be logged and the codes generated  filled in on the locator form prior to return travel to the UK.
  • Quarantine is required until the results of the day 8 test have been received.
  • Call 01273 699883 for further information.