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GP and Pharmacy Prescription services


GP and Pharmacy Prescription services

This page will provide information on how to register with the GP surgery and how and get your medications.

Link to main Surgery website: http://www.unimed.co.uk/ 

Link for patient registration with the Surgery: https://www.unimed.co.uk/navigator/new-patient-registration/

Once registered, patients need to order their medicines at least 2 working days in advance and notify the University Pharmacy if any unusual item needs to be ordered in advance, else may need to wait till the next available delivery of medications to the pharmacy.

Patients can email, drop in or call the pharmacy to request unusual items in advance to avoid multiple visits. ( Please note patients will need to pay for their medications in advance before ordering can occur.)

Patients need to update the pharmacy with the correct mobile phone number and email address.

When prescriptions are ready, the pharmacy will email or text patients if they have notified the pharmacy in advance that they need the prescriptions made up. 

Please make sure that if you do not pay for prescriptions, you bring in a photo or original exemption details, for example, Medical exemption certificate, pre-payment certificate, HC2 certificate etc. 

If you have several items and need to pay for it, please visit the link below, so that you can save money on prescription costs. We recommend that if you have 12 items or more in the year then you can spread the costs by paying monthly direct debit option via the NHS over 10 months. This is the cheapest option.