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C-Cards for free condoms


C-Cards for free condoms

You can get your C-Card for free condoms from our pharmacy if you are under 25 in Brighton and Hove.

If you are under 25 you can get a C-Card which gives you access to free condoms, femidoms and lube from our pharmacy.

The C-Card scheme means that you can sign up to get a free card which lets you get free condoms, femidoms and lube across the city.

These are the only way to protect you and your partner against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The C-Card scheme is designed for you – to make getting free condoms, femidoms and lube easy and hassle free.

Getting a C-Card doesn’t mean that you have to have sex – and just because someone has a C-Card doesn’t mean that they are having sex either! It is about getting clued up on safer sex and how to look after yourself for when you are ready – whenever that is.

Read more on how the C-Card Scheme works here.